The company AKSOT GmbH (also known as AKSOT Oil Service) is an independent German company. The two main business areas of our company are Analysis of Lubricants and Consumables (for example, Fuel, Lubricating Oils, Grease, other Oils and Substances) and Oil Service for Industrial Plants (Turbine Engines, Hydraulic Systems, etc.).

At AKSOT GmbH we control the quality of Hydraulics, Gearboxes, Engines and other Machines (or Industrial Machineries) through used Oil Analysis and Diagnostics.

Our readily understandable diagnostic results allow you to make the right decision at the right time. We help you better plan your maintenance cycles, reduce repair costs and reduce your overhead costs.

The scope of our analyses include both automotive and industrial, so we cover all areas.

The lubricant is in constant contact with the machine and thus provides valuable and important information such as Viscosity, Wear metals, Additives or Water content, which we extract for you through our laboratory analysis service.

Depending on your application and lubricant, we carry out specific tests or investigations. These analyses identify e.g. the breakdown of additives, damage or wear as well as contaminants that could affect the most efficient use of your equipment or the life span of the lubricant.

Have your lubricant monitored and get a diagnosis for your machine at the same time.

Your advantages:

As a neutral testing company, we are completely independent of the interests of third parties. So we can offer you an objective advice.

The duration of the sample analysis from receipt of the sample to sending of the results of the analysis (by email or fax) is 24 hours. In urgent cases, the processing time can be shortened even further.

High Quality, State-of-the-art technology and “up to date know-how”
With our state-of-the-art apparatus and analytical equipment as well as standardized methods, we are able to deliver the most accurate analysis with the best, most accurate and targeted expert advice. Our equipment is consistently and constantly renewed and updated. Our employees are recognized experts in their field and possess certifications (for example, laboratory lubricant analysts – according to ISO 18436-5) and are constantly trained. This allows us to make accurate diagnoses on any analysed oil sample.

Our experienced and certified technicians and engineers diagnose your machinery, industrial equipment and engines. They use their knowledge and personal experience and use our database (with more than 500,000 reference samples) and previous measurement results.

The latest technology and standards been utilized for our analyses give you us advantages of reliable, exact and up-to-date analysis techniques.

You as a customer benefit from our extensive experience, our innovations and a unique partnership. All results are stored in an advanced database system. This unique database system provides you with a complete diagnosis that includes the entire context of your industry’s statistics. All your results and system data can be viewed online at any time. Of course, your data is password protected and accessible only to you.
Our experienced scientists and technicians will answer you individually, giving you a diagnosis of your machines and effective preventive maintenance recommendations.
Whatever question you may have, AKSOT Oil Service adapts to your specific requirements and processes.

Upon arrival, your sample is registered in our system. Should your machine not be in our system, it shall be registered immediately to effect a smooth tracking of your samples.

We currently have analysis Programs / Sets for the following plant types or applications

Hydraulics (Mobile, Stationary and Bio Hydraulics)
Planetary Gear
Wind turbine
Diesel Engine
Gasoline Engine
Vegetable Oil Engine
Gas Engines (Natural Gas, Biogas, Landfill Gas etc.)
Refrigeration Machine
Thermal Oil
Transformer / Insulating Oil
Paper / Circulation System
Turbine Oil
Diesel Fuel
Cooling Water/ Coolants
Metal Working Fluids
Brake Fluids

The following tests, among others, are carried out routinely in our own laboratory

Water Content (Karl Fischer method in ppm and Infrared Method in %)
Viscosity at 40°C, 100°C and Viscosity Index
Density at 15°C, Density at 20°C
Flash point
IR (Oxidation, Nitration, Glycol Content, Soot, etc.)
Acid Number
Base Number
ipH value
Particle counting and Cleanliness Level (ISO 4406, SAE 4059, NAS 1638)
Optical Particle Analysis or Microscopic Analysis
PQ index
Abrasion / Wear, Additive, Contamination

If necessary, we can do a lot more for you.

Try us – we want to convince you!