Windkraft Anlagen begleitet mit Ölanalyse


ultraschnelle und genaue Ölanalyse


Gasmotor Ölanalyse
Biogas Bauernhof Ölanalyse


Windkraft Anlagen begleitet mit Ölanalyse


Ölanalyse für Industrie


Schmierstoff Chemie durch Ölanalyse von AKSOT GmbH


Kühlflüssigkeitsanalyse und Kühlmittelanalyse


Oil Analysis & Industrial Oil Service

AKSOT GmbH carries out Oil Analysis, Coolant Analysis, Fuel Analysis for industrial, transport, shipping/ marine, aviation and power generation sectors.

We offer a careful and ultra-fast laboratory analysis of the lubricant. Our additional analytical service includes the analysis of fuels, transformer oils, coolants and greases.

We are very proud to offer our customers first-class and ultra-fast oil analysis and service for the industry:

  • Highly experienced team of technicians, engineers, analysts and scientists
  • Engine trending through oil analysis program
  • Active role in the activities of international standard organizations
  • Comprehensive report on fuel, coolant, grease and oil analysis

Through the continuous development of our oil analysis techniques, training of our employees, constant modernization of equipments and analysis methods, we maintain a high level of our expertise and thus live up to the trust of our customers from all over Germany and across Europe. We are thus up to date, technically.

We would like to convince you with our performance.


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Practical Examples For Oil analysis & Industrial Service

Biogas Customer satisfied; analysis of grease, coolant, antifreeze, lubricating oil for biogas engines, wind mills

“Through a reliably precise Analysis, preventable engine failures are minimised and the extension of lifespan of engine components are achieved. We have the best Experience with AKSOT.” – Thomas Schröder –

Biogas Engine

Cogeneration Plant in Place:
The commissioning and maintenance of this system during the guarantee period and beyond are accompanied by oil analysis from AKSOT GmbH.

Hydraulic part gone bad without oil analysis

Instead of using zinc-containing hydraulic oil (HLP 46), this hydraulic clutch was operated using zinc-free hydraulic oil. With our oil analysis we would have recognized this early enough and the damage could have been prevented.

another Hydraulic part gone bad without oil analysis

Many wear-related failures are due to fluid changes. A regular oil analysis by AKSOT GmbH can quickly provide information.

Biogas support analysis of grease

During the commissioning of this gas engine, the oil analysis service of AKSOT GmbH was used. While accompanied by our oil analysis, the operation of this gas engine has been trouble-free.

commissioned gas engine with support analysis of coolant, antifreeze, lubricating

The maintenance of this gas engine has become a child’s play, since we are able to identify problems earlier through the oil analysis from AKSOT GmbH before the problems actually occur.