Industrial Oil Service

We offer the following services in our Industrial Oil Service Package:

Oil Filtration:
The lubricating or hydraulic Oil is finely filtered by us in while in bypass.

The filter fineness of our filter systems is 3µ or 5µ, depending on the application. The Oil is continuously filtered until the required cleanliness class according to ISO 4406 is reached.

Our Filtration Service is required when the system is topped up or during Maintenance.

During top up and also for other occasions as the case may be, we connect our oil heating system to attain a certain oil temperature, which is necessary, for example, in steam turbines to start the turbine.

Tank Cleaning:
During the Maintenance work on a Turbine, we usually clean the lubricating oil tank manually.

Before cleaning the tank, the contents of the tank are stored temporarily (if the oil is changed completely, the oil is disposed of properly).

After cleaning the tank, the tank is inspected and afterwards refilled with oil. The oil is filtered or the system is flushed during Filtration as the case may be.

We complement our industrial oil service with laboratory analysis of the oil in our own oil laboratory in order to monitor and control the quality of the oil.